This course is for the new adventure racers looking to step up from the Sprint Series events or those not feeling they are up to the Expedition Course.

It’s being held in two stages (the Prologue that the Expedition racers will complete and a shorter 6-10 hr course in the place of their 36 hr course). It’s sleep friendly, allowing teams to make it back to their accommodation for some shut eye (while the Expedition teams will be navigating their way overnight through the bush). 

Don’t worry, the Explore course will still be a gruelling experience, and not to be underestimated! Teams will need to carefully plan their water usage, how much to carry and where to refill, if possible. You’ll need to carefully research weather and climate conditions and make sure you’re properly prepared. Your team will need to make decisions while on course that keep you in safe terrain, hydrated and moving in the right direction. 

Total approximate distances for 2 days to expect are:

MTB 60 km

Trekking 20 km

Kayaking 15 km