Saturday 1st June

12:00 PM registration open


Tuesday 4th June

11:59 PM end of super early bird entry


Monday 1st July

11:59 PM end of early bird entry


Sunday 1st December

11:59 PM late fee date


Tuesday 7th January

11:59 PM online registration is closed


Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd January

Alpine Quest training week brought to you by Peak Adventure.


Thursday 23rd January

Arrival of participants

5:00 PM Pick up service from Albury Airport 


Friday 24th of January 

9:30 AM – Registration start

11.30 AM – Maps for the 1st day hand over 

12:00 PM – Day 1 (Prologue) start 

6:00 PM – Day 1 (Prologue) finish

6:30 PM – Dinner, maps hand over

7:30 PM – Briefing 

8:00 PM – Gear collection

9:30 PM – Finish of gear collection  


Saturday  25th of January 

5:00 AM – Buses to the start (Both Explore and Expedition)

8:00 AM – Start both courses 

8:00 PM – Finish Explore, bus back to the Falls Creek


Sunday 26th of January

5:00 AM – Finish of Expedition leaders

8:00 PM – Finish closed 

8:00 PM – Dinner, presentation 


Monday 27th of January 

Morning, departure of all teams

9:00 AM Drop off service to Albury Airport