Every team and competitor in Alpine Quest should carry mandatory equipment. Apart from all-time mandatory equipment, there are items require­­d only on specific stages (i.e., kayak equipment is required only on kayaking stage).





You will have to provide the following boxes and bags for the gear transportation:

  • Bike box of specific dimensions - per person.

If your box is bigger we will not be able to transport it around the course. There are three options: 

  1. Qantas/Virgin blue box from most of the airports ($25) - cover it with contact and it should do the job for one race. 
  2. Get a corflute one: https://envirobikebox.com.au (~$180 but will last for a long time and weatherproof)
  3. Do it yourself: Length: 140cm (55in), Width: 30cm (12in), Height: 80cm (32in)

Bike box will have 30 kg limit (with all your bike gear in)


  • Gear box - 1 per team, only Expedition course. We require a specific box so we can stack during transportation:

Dimensions: 829 x 530 x 384mm. Can be purchased in SuperCheapAuto

  • Kayak gear bag - 1 per team. Big enough to fit all your team paddling gear. Expedition and Explore.

  • Paddles bag - 1 per team.  Or some arrangement to tighten four paddles up together for the transportation. Expedition and Explore.

  • Finish bag - 1 per team, Explore course only. The bag to put any extra gear/food you need at the finish line. All Explore teams will have a remote finish on the Day 2 and it could be few hours before you will be transported back to the Resort.




All time equipment will have to travel with you at all time, when you are out on the course racing

  • Satellite Tracker - 1 per team, provided by organisers.

  • First aid kit – 1 per team. (two crepe bandages, adhesive tape, wound dressing and six adhesive dressings, triangular bandage), other personal medication such as painkillers, etc. We strongly encourage carrying heavy crepe bandages as snakes are going to be an issue in the middle of the summer and a lot of them are very active.

  • Whistle – per person.

  • Compass – per person.

  • Water resistant torch with sufficient batteries – per person.

  • Wind and waterproof jacket – per person.

  • Thermal top long sleeve, could be either in backpack or on you – per person.

  • Survival emergency blanket – per person.

  • Water bottle or bladder minimum 1.5 l – per person.

  • Set of maps, descriptions with listed emergency contacts (provided by organisers) – 1 per team.

  • Mobile phone (Telstra) – 1 per team.


Additionally, if the weather forecast will be below 10 degrees overnight or inclement weather expectedwe may add into the all time mandatory gear list:

  • Water and wind proof pants – per person.

  • Fleece top – per person.

  • Long tights – per person.

  • Balaclava, buff or beanie – per person.




  • Mountain bike – per person.

  • Rear and front lights with sufficient batteries – per person.

  • Helmet – per person.

  • Repair kit – 1 per team. (minimum two tubes, pump and tire levers)




  • Kayak – 2 per team, provided by organisers.

  • PFD – per person, not provided - hire is available $5 per PFD.

  • Double paddle – per person, not provided - hire is available $5 per paddle.

  • Footwear – per person. There will be some CPs where you need to walk to get them.

  • Throw bag -  2 per team.

  • White water helmet - per person - hire is available at Peakadventure



Apart from mandatory equipment above it is recommended to consider carrying items on the suggested equipment list:




  • Sunscreen – 1 per team.

  • Sunglasses – per person.

  • Sufficient nutrition – per person.

  • Electrolyte drinks preventing dehydration – per person.

  • Dry bag – per person.

  • Long tights – per person. 

  • Balaclava, buff or beanie – per person.

  • Gloves – per person.

  • Insect repellents – 1 per team.

  • Waterproof map case – 1 per team.




  • Gaiters – per person.

  • Waterproof map case – 1 per team.

  • Trekking poles - per person.




  • Map board – 2 per team, can be hired during on-line registration or purchased at AJ website (you can receive it at the on-site check in)

  • Full repair kit – 1 per team, (in addition to minimal list it is advised to have multi tool, chain breaker, spare chain links, patches).

  • Bike computer – 2 per team.

  • Bike gloves – per person.