Expedition course is an ultimate adventure in unique alpine terrain, for the experienced and tough teams of four.

The course will consist of two stages: the Prologue on Day 1 and the Main course on Day 2. 

The total of the times from the two stages will determine the winner of the Alpine Quest Expedition Race. 



The Prologue (Day 1), will involve a 3-6 hr navigational challenge around HQ. It should be fast and furious, but also lots of fun. 

It will consist of flat-water paddling, mountain biking and trekking. It will be a “clover-leaf” course set-up, with most of the legs starting from the same spot.



On the second day, a shuttle bus will transport teams to the start of the race in the early morning. They will ride, trek and paddle back to the HQ, for up to 24 hours. 

The leading time is expected to be 13-14 hours. This course will include white-water paddling, trekking and mountain biking. The gear and bikes will be transported by race organisers and you will need to plan ahead what to pack into the tabs. The only access to it will be in the transition areas where you will swap disciplines. The logistic planner will be published one week prior to the race. 

The Main course will be approximately 100 km in length, but don’t let the length fool you, completing the full course will be tough, there is no doubt about it. The hills around HQ are really big, so there will be a lot of vertical meters to climb, and making your way through the thick alpine bush is likely to be hard, energy-sapping work. 

Kayaks will be supplied, however, you are expected to provide your own paddles, PFD and white-water helmets. They are available to hire, if you wish.  

You will have to plan your own sleeping strategy, as there are no provisions given for sleeping. For most, it will involve not sleeping at all, until you get to the finish line.

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