Entries will officially open 13th of Nov 12:00PM and will close 11:59PM 17th of January, or earlier if the event capacity is reached. We would like to encourage you to be proactive and secure your spot as early as possible.




1. Register online and confirm your place by paying full team entry via credit card   
2. Expedition course entry fee includes non-refundable $500 deposit
2. You do not have to have all team members at this stage. 
3. Communicate any changes to the team to organisers.




Super Early bird/ Early bird/ Normal/ Late

13-15th of November/ till 11th of December/ till 6th of January/ till 17th of January

EXPLORE: $199/ $230/ $250/ $280 per person

EXPEDITION: $580/ $630/ $680/ $730 per person




  • High-end course in Alpine environment;

  • Electronic timing - detailed per person splits;

  • Double kayaks;

  • Paddles and PFDs (Explore);

  • Live Satellite tracking;

  • Two sets of maps for teams (one waterproof set);

  • Event goodies - cycling jersey (must enter before 20th Dec) and buff per person;

  • Saturday night restaurant dinner;

  • Satellite phone per team (Expedition, Day-2);

  • Shuttle bus to the start from HQ for Day-2 (Expedition, Day-2);

  • All gear logistics for linear course (Expedition, Day-2);

  • GST 10%




There are multiple discounts available. All discounts are cumulative.

  • 15% discount is available for international participants. You must be traveling specifically for the event.
  • 10% discount is available for clubs that are able to put 3 or more entries in. Team names must include the club name
  • Use of Adventure Junkie events volunteering credit ($200 at Alpine Quest or X-Marathon, $100 at other events)
  • Use of Adventure Junkie prize certification (AJ$) won at another event




Keep training and get excited, stay tuned for the updates on the website and our FB page. The final information will be sent about 2 weeks prior to the event with event logistic scheme and details of each stage.




Teams can officially cancel their entry at any stage prior to the event by writing, calling or emailing race organisers.

Until the 29th of November
• Credit towards another Adventure Junkie event (Expedition: less $500 deposit; Explore: less $30 admin fee) or
• A refund can be made (Expedition: less $500 deposit; Explore: less $30 admin fee)
You must inform us before this time.

Until the 10th of January 
• Credit towards another Adventure Junkie event (Expedition: less $500 deposit, less 50% of remaining entry fee; Explore: less $30 admin fee) or
• A refund can be made (Expedition: less $500 deposit, less 50% of remaining entry fee; Explore: less $30 admin fee)
You must inform us before this time.

After the 10th of January
• No refunds, no credits, no exceptions

Teams are permitted to transfer or sell their entry to another team if available. This will be a transaction between the teams and the event organisers will not facilitate putting teams in touch with each other. Teams must notify organisers as soon as possible in the case of a team entry being transferred or sold.

If the race is canceled due to acts of God, natural disasters, terrorism or other reasons etc, the race will not be re-scheduled. Organisers will make maximal effort to refund as much of the entry fee as possible to all teams. Teams should be aware that any refunds will be made after spent event costs accounted for. Considering a very high number of fixed costs associated with organising the race teams should also be aware that any refund is likely to be minimal.