The safety of the participants is our priority. Wilderness requires respect and Alpine environment requires double respect. Weather can change very quickly, therefore, we would strongly advise being careful with choosing the race gear. 

All participants are required to carry mandatory items from the list below.

Some items are all-time team gear, which means all teams have to carry this gear during the entire course. 

Some items are required only during specific sections: such as kayaking or mountain bike sections gear. These items team will need to have in specific stages in addition to the all-time gear. 

Mandatory equipment can be 'per team' or 'per person' basis. 

'X Per team' means X number of items is sufficient per team (such as first aid kit, for example, is '1 per team'). 'Per person' basis means every member has to have this piece of gear (such as jacket, for example, is 'per person'). 


Equipment list will be updated 1st of Feb.