The Explore course is a high-end alpine outdoor adventure experience split into two stages across 48 hours timeframe with a mandatory overnight stop at a transition area.

Explore course does not have a white water pack rafting stage. Instead, all kayaking equipment will be supplied.

The overall distance of the course is approximately 150km.

The cut-off time is 48 hours and the winning time is expected to be 24 hours of racing time, excluding the overnight stop.

This is a team event and the course is open to Female, Mixed and Male teams of four.  All four team members need to stay together for the entire duration of the course.

The course is determined by control points and participants will receive maps of the course at registration.

While the exact route is kept secret until registration, the course matrix will be published two weeks prior to the event day, to allow you to plan your nutrition and gear.

Even though the course is aimed at less experienced athletes, it will still be a gruelling experience and not to be underestimated! Make sure you are properly prepared, racing in higher altitudes is very demanding and alpine weather changes very quickly.


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