Push yourself to your limits, learn about yourself and how to effectively work together as a team whilst enjoying some of the most spectacular, rugged, and untouched areas of the country.”

- Steve Owens (Melbourne)

Alpine Quest is an ultimate outdoor adventure experience with the best Australian teams travelling through the wilderness of unique alpine landscapes. It is the ultimate test for your body and your mind. 

Alpine Quest requires concentration, physical effort and teamwork and challenges your mental toughness from the start to the finish. Major accomplishments can only start with the decision to try.

Two courses are offered: 

  • an epic transalpine Expedition course, with a distance of approximately 200 km and 48 hours cut off time
  • a 2-day stage Explore course, with a distance of approximately 150 km and 48 hours cut off time (including overnight stop). 


Each course is determined by control points and consists of packrafting (Expedtion course only), kayaking, mountain biking, and trekking legs, with some additional challenges.

Teams of four will navigate their way between checkpoints over an unmarked wilderness course, using only a map and compass.  More details about the course>>

Not only is physical fitness required, but also proficiency in the disciplines which make up the event. You will ride multiple single tracks, with steep descents on the mountain bike, trek through rough off-road sections, and in the Expedition course, will paddle on moving water, with up to grade 2+ rapids.

As an Expedition course team, you will have to decide where to stop to eat and sleep - the race clock is always ticking and never stops. Another important decision you will need to make is what to pack (or not to pack) in your backpacks - the only access to additional gear will be in transition areas between legs, where your bikes and equipment will be transported by the race organisers.

Teams of four are invited to take part with Premier Mixed division and Male and Female categories of both courses.  Entry details>>


riding single tracks